Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogging Tips I Should Follow part Deux

The other day I was reading this awesome blog that I should have found eons ago. I suggest you go and read it.

Now to the topic at hand. A day farther ago then "the other day" I mentioned above I read a blog about tips for starting a blog. Technically I have already started a blog, but seeing that no one reads it I thought, "there might be some good tips in there." One of the bloggers said that the trick to starting a blog is don't start one. There were multiple bloggers collaborating on this effort and only one blogger gave the advice to not blog, but I think they were right. (Is that easy to follow?) I have found that it is not easy to blog about interesting things in my life because: "A" nothing interesting happens to me, or "B" I don't recognize those interesting things in the moment. I am inclined to believe both of those options. Okay, it's probably the mysterious third option "C" in which I am to lazy to sit down and write when I could just as easily nap. So this is why nothing has been posted in over a month. To fair it felt like just a few days to me.

Quick disclaimer: The blog isn't there anymore so maybe I shouldn't take their advice.