Thursday, September 1, 2011

Iron Chef Material...Maybe Not

Since I moved in with my wife I have had the opportunity to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I didn’t cook much when I lived with my parents, but I have come to appreciate the finer art of cooking. I believe most of my cooking skill comes from watching Iron Chef.

Sometimes I cook from a box and other times I cook from family recipes, but sometimes I put things together from pure inspiration. There are times when inspiration produces wonderful results that tantalize the tongue, and then there are times when my concoctions require drowning in a condiment of your liking.

The other day I was looking for a way to make chicken differently and we were already hungry. I was looking through the refrigerator at sauces to baste with and found nothing appetizing. I began rummaging through the pantry for seasonings to add spice to my life when I  found some steak seasoning. I thought, “Steak seasoning tastes good…surely it would be too bad.” I was wrong…very wrong. The chicken was almost completely overwhelmed by the seasoning, and the miniscule amount of flavor emanating from the chicken did not agree with steak seasoning. I learned that sometimes salt and pepper are enough.

Have you ever made something you thought would taste good and didn’t?