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Myspace Blog Entries... From the past.

7-21-08 Posting from Myspace

So, earlier I posted a blog about two commercials, and this blog will continue my commentary on commercials.

There is a new radio commercial by FORD. The commercial starts out in this booming voice that declares, "BE AMERICAN!!! BUY AMERICAN!!!" I am completely offended by this statement. Maybe I am just over reacting and maybe this means I am not American, but I don't like the Ford Company calling me un-American because I choose to drive a Toyota. Now, I must clarify that I drive a Pontiac which is an "American Made" car. I previously owned a PT Cruiser and a Ford Taurus. Chrysler was an American company that sold to a German Company that has relinquished the majority share of ownership to a private American Company. So, I drive American made cars but the part of this that really bothers me is FORD IS TELLING ME I AM UNAMERICAN FOR NOT BUYING FORD, GM, etc.

Get this. On July 01, 2008 released an index of the top ten cars that are made with American made products, products bought in America, manufactured in America, sales, etc. Ford only has two cars on the Top Ten List of cars that are "American made." Now, I will be fair and say the Ford F-150 is the number one American made car, but it still is not completely composed of American made parts. The F-150 is only 80% American made products.

I guess what I am saying is, can Ford really claim that it is un-American to buy a Toyota Tundra that is 75% American made content when many of the Fords out there have less than 75% American products.

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