Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chattanooga Landmarks

My father has worked on Amnicola Highway for a long time and my mother used to work on the north side of the river flowing through Chattanooga. When I would ride with them in the morning to summer camps or my grandmothers we would pass the Tennessee American Water Company tanks on the river bank. (TAW is a local water company)

On one of the tanks (closest to the road) there is a plywood cut out of a worker sitting on the tank. The plywood worker is taking off his hard hat as if greeting everyone who passes by. The cut out has a name tag that reads, "Phillip D. Glass." As a child, I found the word play funny, and even today I always find time to glance up at Phillip when I drive by. The water tank has the message "Good Morning Chattanooga" written on the side.

As you can see in the picture above, Phillip is holding a local University football helmet in place of a hard hat in honor of this years impending football season. Phillip has also been know to sport a Santa hat during the Christmas season. I have also seen a cowboy hat as well, though I never knew the significance of it.

This morning my hat is off to Phillip D. Glass. I hope he will continue to be a longstanding Landmark in Chattanooga.


  1. Very interesting perspective James.

  2. If I had the money to give it a fresh coat of paint I wood. Get it.

  3. I used to drive by him every day...never knew his name. I love his music and always pictured him a bit differently.