Friday, August 26, 2011

Math Jokes

Me: “Knock Knock” You: “Who’s There?”
Me: Interrupting Cow
You: Interrupt...Me: MOOOOOO!

Everyone has their own unique sense of humor and recently I was reintroduced to a particularly painful (yet still amusing) brand of humor. Dry-Professor-Academic-jokes are a particularly niche group of jokes, but if you have never had a professor in a technical or theoretical  academic field then you are missing out.

My first introduction into Dry-Professor-Academic-Jokes came my freshman year when I had a professor of mathematics make a joke about not limiting are fun. Now this might not seem like a joke/pun but at the time we were studying the mathematical properties of Limits. The pun fell on deaf ears for the most part, but I found the attempt at humor more amusing than the actual humor.

Maybe even funnier than the pun or the attempt at making a joke was the professor’s reaction to his own pun. It is amazing to see a professor take delight in his own witticism when clearly it was a terrible pun.  

Now I am taking some accounting courses and the professors attempts to make jokes or puns has made me reminiscent of some old math videos…don’t worry these are supposed to be funny. I hope you Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE that robot chicken clip. So funny.

  2. Me too...I have to watch it at least once a year