Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Take My Facebook

I work in an office that requires everyone to have a computer. Most of my work in accounting (boils down to record keeping) is stored on a computer. Everyone also has access to the internet and you know what that means...Facebook. Since I have worked there, my employer has had a philosophy of trust and bottom line counts. If we are getting a job done in a satisfactory way, then any amount of time on Facebook probably wasn't hurting us or the company.

Day 1: Then one day Facebook was gone. I am not going to lie, I noticed at 9:21AM. It was so traumatic that I remember the time I noticed the end of Facebook. I mentioned this to the person a share an office with and they were shocked beyond all belief. Throughout the rest of the day more and more people in passing asked if I could access Facebook. Several people made tours of the building talking about the outrageous actions of the company. It then came to our attention that the CEO hadn't known about disconnecting Facebook and "requested" that his access be restored. And so it was that the CEO, marketing, and presumably IT could still access Facebook ("for business purposes").

Day 2: The next day a single pioneer came around asking if we used Facebook for work. At the time I didn't have a legitimate reason for being on facebook, but my coworker did. As it turned out, there were three people who could find legitimate (if not very convincing) reasons for being on Facebook. Meanwhile, I am getting farther and farther behind in my Facebook games.

Days 3-5: The petition for re-activiating Facebook was being formulated and I was discovering more and more I had a legitimate reason for having access to Facebook. My Job is extremely boring. So much so, I often find myself getting sleepy from the lack of mental stimulation. Then i realized that I only needed half of my computer monitor to do my job (collections). I soon began using the second half of my screen to be on Facebook. This increased my collections potential because I wanted to be on Facebook and I had to be calling people to be on Facebook. I played games that had minimal attention requirements. I spied on people (don't judge because you do it too). However, now I dread making calls because there isn't anything to fill the void left by my job.

Day 6: The petition was made to the president that only people using Facebook for work should have access. There was a meeting, and I must stress they had to have a closed door meeting to discuss this. The verdict was simply, "No one outside of Marketing shall access the Facebook."

It has only been nine days since the ban on facebook, but I feel like day 100 in the Facebook hostage Crisis. Say what you will, but I have felt more depressed and restless since the ban. Maybe I will join Google+ or Twitter.

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