Saturday, May 16, 2009

Books! and Addictions

So, I think we have established by now that I am a geeky, nerdy dork. I play WoW and I love to read science fiction/fantasy novels. More fantasy than science fiction, but I won't turn my nose up at anything. The thing about fantasy and science fiction books are that they more aften then not come in a series. My favorite two being Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series and Terry Goodkind's The Sword of Truth series. I have read and enjoyed the Harry Potter series and recently I got started on the Twilight series.

Before I continue, I have this really addictive personality when it comes to books (and other things). I will read a book like five or six times if I really enjoy it, and not in like several years but all with in several weeks of each other. For instance, with the series' mentioned above (excluding Twilight) everytime a new book would be released I would reread the entire series before I read the book. So there are 11 books currently in the Wheel of Time series meaning I have read the first book 11 times or more. With Twilight I have finished my third time through the series today, just three weeks after picking it up for the first time. I read it twice through before my wife read it once through. Now I don't do that for every series I read (Lord of the Rings), but I do with most series.

As of right now, no one reads this blog, but in the happenstance that some one reads this blog, What are your favorite books, and what are your addictions?


  1. That is so crazy. I never knew that about you. 11 times? YOu should read through all the Tom Clancy books with me. I think they are kind of like science-fiction, sans the science part. bork bork

  2. I would love to read them with you, whoever you are.

  3. I use to have more of an addictive personality with books at a younger age but now I just enjoy reading a book once maybe twice. I like the Harry Potter series and all of the John Grisham books. i will start on the book you gave me sometime soon.