Monday, May 18, 2009

West Virginia

This past weekend my wife and I went up to West Virginia to visit her and my new extended family. We left on a Friday and made a normally 7 hour trip in 6.25 hours. The trip itself lasted longer because we stopped to shop, but the actually driving went really quickly. However, on the way back, it took 8.5 hours because we ran into a road block that sent us on a two hour detour that put us on the interstate 7 miles farther down the road.

The trip over all was fun. I was able to get some reading done and we visited with a turkish exchange student. The sadest part of the whole trip was that I didn't get to play rook with some crazy rules. Normally all the guys, cause women can't play rook (West Virginia saying not mine), get together and play rook for hours in the evenings, but because this was not around holidays everyone had to work and couldn't stay up late.

The greatest thing, and maybe this is silly to enjoy, is that they always have fresh brewed sweet tea in the house when I come up. On my first trip, they(WV family in law) made tons of food (homemade Thanksgiving Dinners) and lots of sweet tea. I made true comments about how good certain side items where and how I loved to drink sweet tea. Now when ever I come up, they always have fresh brewed sweet tea (something they don't normally have) and creamed corn. I had never had homemade cream corn and since then every time I go up they feel the need to make a batch. It is good so I am not complaining but I think it is funny. I appreciate the hospitality and can't wait until Thanksgiving (although I won't be able to play WoW).


  1. What kind of crazy rules do they have? -BB

  2. They aren't many,

    1. The rook is low
    2. Cards numbered 1,2,3, or 4 are removed
    3. played in teams,
    4. center set of cards contains 5 cards(kitty)
    5. whoever whens the kitty can't leave point cards in it
    6. rook is 20 points
    7. Trump called by winner of kitty
    8. Trump can't lead until broken

    I think the rest of the rules are the same such as bidding and stuff.

  3. I love West Virginia (and am in WV as I type this message). You may have seen on my facebook page some of the work I've been doing here. If not, check it out! Much love to you and the wife :-) Miss ya'll a bunch. ~Ash Henderson~

  4. Are you refering to the Jail Break postings I have seen?

  5. That's definitely been a part of it, yeah :-)