Thursday, May 21, 2009

Teaching Interview

So, I think everyone that reads this blog knows about my future aspirations, but in case you don't know I will elaborate (I never mind talking about myself). I have a degree in Mathematics and I am currently going to Grad school for a Masters in Secondary Mathematics Education. I began the process of looking for a teaching position in my hometown, and the first school to call me in for an interview was some what of a dream school. They believe in a liberal arts education and it was a calculus position. I believe in a liberal arts education and the school has a Paideia philosophy. That in a nut shell is Didactic teaching, Intellectual Coaching, and Socratic Seminars.

Now, I believe in all those teaching styles, but intellectual coaching can take a variety of forms, and unfortunately the administrative staff was looking for a teaching style (Project-Based Learning) that I am not fond of. I am not sure I know anyone that enjoys doing projects or really learns something from doing projects. Right now in the education world, project-based learning and other more non-traditional methods of teaching are wanted; however, I am not some one who is big on non-traditional methods. I am very big on the idea of Socratic seminars, and discussion based learning. Now these discussion-based learning methods are typically considered Didactic because they are Teacher led, but I am not opposed to letting students lead discussions and take the class in an academic path they choose.

After all that, it might be obvious that I did not get the job. As far as teaching jobs go it would have been considered cushy and it was some where I wanted to teach, but they wanted a teacher I am not going to be, so I think that in the end it was for the best. I hope the school does well and that the students' benefit from their new teacher, because ultimately it is about student's.

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