Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Updated Car Woes

Earlier today I received a call from the Mechanic working on my car about the problem. Now I am drastically lacking in car knowledge, but the mechanic assured me that the ignition module was broken and that after taxes it was be about $275 to fix. I had placed my car in the shop thinking it was going to be $500 so I was excited that it wasn't going to take a long time.

An hour later the mechanic called back and told me they were wrong about the module. They thankfully didn't do any repairs to my car before the discovered the real problem. About a year ago my car wouldn't start because the sensor that reads the computer chip in the key went on the fritz and they had to reset the sensor. This time the sensor broke and my car needs a new sensor a new key (microchip more than an actual key). The repair bill went from $275 (original quote) to $550. My car will be fixed soon, however, I will be out $550. The money isn't the problem, but what I could have done with that money that upsets me. I could have gotten a second computer to play WoW on so that my wife and I could play at the same time.

O-well, Peace out!

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